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We offer a 9-course, chef-selected menu focused on sourcing ingredients that represent this region and its seasons. The menu is finalized daily and considers every aspect of the dining experience.

You will find a list of the seasons you can experience in our dining room listed below. 

Dinner is a single seating starting at 7pm Thursday through Saturday and starting at 4:30 on Sunday.

Dinner is priced at $305 including paired beverages, exclusive of tax and gratuity. Dinners for the Farmer's Table series, Holidays and special events will be individually priced and can be found in the reservation portal. Reservations become available four calendar months in advance. With advance notice, we are happy to customize menus based on dietary concerns. 

Thursday - Sunday
January 12th - February 19th, 2023

The smell of a fire, the comfort of flavors from seasons past and the treasure of native truffles are the hearty fare of winter in this place. Each week the menu evolves, seeking out ingredients from the frosty Northwest. 

We are also taking reservations for Monday, February 13th and Tuesday, February 14th. Celebrate Valentines day cozied up by candlelight.


A menu for Truffle Treasures is unearthed from January 6th-8th, one of the most precious ingredients of our region, available only in mid-winter. Find more of our Farmers Table Series on our Experiences page

Solace of Winter

a close up of a snow covered mountain

Cascade to Coast

Thursday - Sunday
March 2nd - April 16th, 2023

The most fleeting flavors of the year keep this menu in perpetual motion- chasing ingredients up the hillside and down to the water. You’ll experience the freshness and energy the forest, garden and the Salish Sea provide when cooler weather yields to sunshine.


As winter draws to a close, we dig into the cellar searching for bottles from the great vineyards of this region and beyond. Join us for A menu for Red Heads, many courses, all paired with every shade of Red: February 24th-26th.  

And on the cusp of Spring, is our annual tradition of exploring the many cuts, breeds and tastes of Beef. Super Cattle in Seattle is a menu dedicated to the delicacy and decadence of the bovine: from March 31st-April 2nd.

Find more on our Farmers Table Series on our Experiences page

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Revelry for Spring

Thursday - Sunday
April 20th - June 18th, 2023

Between the year’s first green and the heart of summer, celebrate the return of salmon to our rivers and the field’s first produce, represented in every course. Spontaneity is in season; this week’s menu is not next week’s. Revelry for Spring is for being in the moment.


The warming light of May sheds snow to the sea as Salmon return to our table for A menu for Return of the King. May 26th-28th is the peak of the Spring run. On these nights, we will serve a menu dedicated to one of the most iconic ingredients of our region: The King Salmon. Find more on our Farmers Table Series on our Experiences page

Valley of Eden

Thursday - Sunday
June 23rd - August 13th, 2023

Drawing on the abundance of our Valley, ingredients for our longest menu of the year are finalized just hours before dinner.

Span the spectrum of Summer in an ever-evolving menu beginning as the season breaks, and ending as we encroach on Autumn. Each week we’ll rewrite the menu to bring you the sweetness of the season.  


From August 17th-20th our dedication to the bounty of The Pacific Northwest and the challenge of "how far can we go to stay in one place" is reprised in our annual 100-Mile dinner; where every ingredient that finds its way to the plate or glass comes from no more than 100-Miles from the center of our dining room. Find more on our Farmers Table Series on our Experiences page

The Ant & The Grasshopper

Thursday - Sunday
August 24th - September 24th, 2023

Explore the confluence of the lingering freshness of summer and the deeper flavors of fall. Settle into the comfort of our dining room tucked in this colorful valley while the menu meanders the gentlest season.


Find more of our Farmers Table Series on our Experiences page

Feasting Season

Thursday - Sunday
September 28th, 2023 - November 19th, 2023

With the final harvests in and the fields nearly put to bed, it is time to look to the forest for freshness. The hunt is on- for game and for fungi. The hearty cuisine of cooler weather and shorter days become the muse for intimate dining.  


From October 13th-15th we will host a menu for A Mycologist's Dream- a full fledged feast of fungi. Find more on our Farmers Table Series on our Experiences page



Thursday - Sunday
November 17, 2022 - December 30, 2022

Traditions honored remind us of the past

Traditions made look to the future. 

Celebrate the present with the good food and wine of a convivial feast during the most festive time of the year. Let the warm glow of our dining room surround you and your loved ones.


The one night of the year that we take our sourcing outside of The Pacific Northwest, our dining room transcending time and place, is during our New Years Eve Gala. Join us to celebrate the most luxurious ingredient of all: Time

For more on the Farmers Table Series and special events, visit the Experiences page