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Farmer's Table Series

We are incredibly proud of our heritage and while our seasonal themes will continue to evolve, the Farmer’s Table Series will set aside time to preserve and revisit the menus that have shaped the way we view seasonality and regionality. 

Each menu is an exploration of singular ingredients or concepts meant to exhaust the possibilities within each. The Farmer's Table dinners, like ingredients in every season, are fleeting until the next season. 

The Herbfarm Suites/Willows Lodge Bookings

Extend your dinner experience into an overnight, or weekend by staying just steps from our front door. Allow us to reserve a room for you, we'll be delighted to make an effortless and unforgettable getaway.  

Across the way, The Willows Lodge is the premier destination for luxury accommodations in Woodinville wine country. Each room is inspired by the history and charm, and draped in the cozy comfort of the Pacific Northwest. 

24 Hours at the Farm

Immerse yourself in the farm and restaurant’s daily routine by experiencing 24 Hours at the Farm. Start your day with a farm tour and by assisting in the day’s harvest. Enjoy brunch served at the Farm by our chefs and watch the kitchen come to life as you deliver the harvest. Before dinner you can stroll the gardens, relax in your room or take in the Sammamish river along one of  several trails that trace the valley. Later, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor in a comfortable, candlelit setting and then, retire to the comfort of your room at The Willows Lodge for the evening.  For more information please call our reservations department or email [email protected]. This experience is best enjoyed May through October. 

Private Wine tastings

Join our team of sommeliers for a curated, intimate tasting experience paired with small plates prepared by our culinary team. Over the course of two hours, we will guide you through the vast world of wine, striking a balance between some of the most recognizable international wine regions and perfectly cellar-aged gems from the Pacific Northwest. After a guided tour of our extensive wine cellar, you’ll be lead through an educational tasting focusing on the unique stories behind each of the wines, ideal food pairings, cellaring potential, and regional history.

This is a limited-availability experience that is offered Mondays through Thursdays and is subject to availability of our private dining room.

Woodinville Wine Country

When The Herbfarm came to Woodinville in 2001 only a few tasting rooms existed. Now, over two hundred are speckled throughout the valley. Home to world class wine and representing unique growing sites throughout the region, Woodinville is a destination for eating and drinking well.

Farmers Table Series

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The Great Truffle Treasure

January 5th-7th 2024

While many other crops are sleeping, midwinter is the season for truffles in the Northwest. As part of a long-standing tradition, and an ode to opulence, we will shower these underground fungi throughout the menu.


A Dinner for Red Heads

March 21st-24th 2024

Vintages and esoteric wines from the cellar make their way to the table for a menu paired to the great vineyards of this region and beyond. The roles of the restaurant are reversed in a menu where the food is paired to red wines of every shade. 


Super Cattle in Seattle

April 18th-21st 2024

It’s what’s for dinner. The annual salute to the history of beef in the American West. Many cuts, preparations, presentations, and breeds juxtaposed with the oncoming flavors of Spring. 

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Return of the King

May 23rd-26th 2024

As the great rivers of the West shed snowmelt back to the sea, we welcome the return of the King to the Northwest. This is a feast to honor the annual migration of salmon returning to their rivers of the Columbia, Copper, Quinault and many others.


100 Mile Menu

September 5th-8th 2024

We’ll look no further than 100 miles from our dining room to source every ingredient on the plate or in the glass – a dedication to the here and now during the season of plenty.

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Mycologist’s Dream

October 10th-13th 2024

The longest running menu at The Herbfarm and for good reason. The maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest nurtures the proliferation of over 20,000 types of fungi making it one of the best places for wild mushrooms in the world. For this menu we’ll focus solely on the most delectable and highly sought-after varietals.

New Year’s Eve Gala

December 31, 2024

A pause to celebrate Time. A moment to ponder where we have been and what we wish for the coming year with good company to eat, drink and be merry.