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A celebration of the foods and wines of the Pacific Northwest. A thematic nine course dinner with six matched wines and a single seating nightly.

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Ron's Weekly Message October 25, 2014

Savor the Mystery that is the Wild Mushroom

Consider that mystery, the mushroom. Neither plant nor animal, it occupies a special place in nature.

This week our Menu for a Mycologist's Dream pays tribute to this savory gift of the wild, a treasure of the misty realms in the Pacific Northwest. That energetic, talented (indeed, even famous) wild food forager, Jeremy Faber (once a sous chef he ...READ MORE


Current Theme: A Mycologist's Dream
One of America's great wild mushroom feasts gathered by our staff forager from the wilds of the Northwest. The Herbfarm's master wild-food forager travels hundreds of miles and often hikes deep into the mountains to gather wild mushrooms for our "Menu for a Mycologist's Dream".

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