Our Covid-19 community service created 44,000 boxes of

   Herbfarm fare for our frontline medical caregivers.

WE PLEDGE to create a wonderful and safe dining experience for you when you join us at The Herbfarm. From sourcing your food locally, through our trained staff and extra-clean building, we are committed to giving you a night to remember in the safest possible way.
Here's what we are doing for your peace of mind and enjoyment:

Maintaining the Highest Standards

AAA 5-Diamond Award As one of only 52 of America's 5-Diamond Restaurants, The Herbfarm has met the highest dining standards for food, service, and facilities for the last 19 years. The next closest 5-Diamond restaurants are in Napa Valley and Chicago.

Public Health Safety Rating Always "Excellent," the highest possible health & safety rating.

Covid-19 Hospital Food Preparation Experience

After the March 15 government order to shut down, we began creating daily soul-satisfying 3-course dinners for our front-line Covid-19 healthcare providers in 15 Seattle-area medical centers. Our 44,000 boxes of food were cooked, handled, and packaged wearing masks to hospital standards. The kitchen team has 100 days of enhanced safety practice in place.

The Herbfarm Building & Facilities

Clean & Sanitized — A commercial firm sprayed and sanitized the building and its surfaces to kill viruses.

Lots of Air Volume — The Main Dining Room sports a generous 21-foot-high ceiling to allow an almost-outdoor volume of air per guest.

Highest-Grade Filtered Air—Our MERV 13 air filtration is top of line, capturing 98% of particles to <1-micron. None better.

Convenient Sanitizer Stations —You'll find numerous places to refresh your hands with virus-killing sanitizers.

Table Spacing — We have reduced our seating capacity to ensure appropriate table spacing for your comfort & safety.

The Herbfarm Staff's Health

Regular Health Monitoring — Since March 15, every Herbfarm staff member, upon arrival, has taken and recorded their body temperature. Anyone with a temperature of 101.4ºF (38.5°C) must leave immediately (no one has had an elevated temperature).

Health Insurance & Paid Time Off The Herbfarm staff has coverage so that anyone with questionable health symptoms can stay home and not need to work when sick.

Extra Precautions

Handwashing & Sanitizing —Since last February, The Herbfarm staff has been even more diligent than ever with hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizers. The kitchen staff wears disposable gloves as appropriate.

Masks & Face-Coverings — The kitchen and service staff will be wearing masks during your visit.

A Dedicated Cleaning Staff Member — While you dine, one Herbfarm staff member constantly maintains high-touch areas as well as cleaning, sanitizing, and refreshing the restrooms for you after every visit.

Just for You at Your Table!

Your Own Hand Sanitizer — Your private table will have its own hand sanitizer for you to use while you dine.

Mask Holder — While you are seated, you may stash your mask using the convenient holder on you table.

Souvenir Single-Use Menus — Your 8-page dinner menu is yours to keep as a souvenir of your visit.

And, What We Ask of You . . .

No Symptoms — By entering the restaurant, you attest that you don't have any of the common Covid-19 symptoms: dry cough, loss of smell, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, chest pain, excessive fatigue, or elevated temperature. If you wish, we can check your temperature (s.b. < 99.9°F) or check your blood oxygen level (s.b. >92%). You also attest that you have not knowingly been in contact with anyone who has tested positive in the last 2 weeks; nor have you tested positive yourself.

Please Wear a Face Covering — While walking about or visiting the restroom, we ask that you be considerate of your fellow diners and wear a mask or appropriate face covering.  This is a Washington State mandate.

If you forget your face-covering, we have a complimentary disposable mask for you.  You do not need to wear your mask while seated at your table. Thank you for understanding.  Let's all be safe and have a good time.



The Herbfarm


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