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Ron's Weekly Thursday, May 24, 2018

Search for the Best of "Salmon Nation"

Fly over the upper reaches of Alaska's Copper River and you'll be struck by the wild, whirling, churn of the raging waters. Could any living thing swim against such force? Amazingly, the answer is "yes!" The salmon of the Copper River--Sockeyes and Kings--have evolved immense stores of energy to take on their final task.

It's that stored fat that gives these fish and fish destined to other great rivers a decided edge. In fact, in the kitchen, you can even feel the difference with your fingers when you work with the glorious stuff. So, for a few short weeks each year, we turn the light on this most-special salmon. As you'll discover, there's no hype. Salmon from the Copper as well as the long reaches of the Columbia and Washington Coast are almost certainly the finest salmon you'll ever taste.

"Salmon Nation" is also the Slow Food definition of this region. We're also incorporating many of the traditions and foods of our Salmon Nation into this menu. In fact, our neck of the woods is so rich in food resources that the chefs are creating dishes from the other 9 "food nations" of America using only our own ingredients.

So why not join us for this once-a-year event, a time when all of the top WILD salmon. The glow of candles and romantic guitar waits to enchant you alongside our nationally acclaimed culinary creations.

Our nightly Garden Tour begins at 6:30 (indoors around the fire if it's raining). Come at 6:10 (3:40 on Sunday), and we'll also have an Open House in the Wine Cellar where you can check out the 26,000 bottles of wines covering some 4,293 selections! This is also the most extensive collection of Oregon and Washington wines in the world.

I invite you to join us again this season for a remarkable and memorable evening. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary—or just the pure joy of living. To reserve you table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 PM, or here on line 24 hours a day!


Current Theme: Salmon Nation
In search of unrivaled flavor, we plumb our Pacific waters for wild salmon coursing homeward to legendary rivers flowing from high and distant icy peaks. Taste the treasures of the Copper, Yukon, and Columbia rivers-crown jewels of our fabled "Salmon Nation."
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