Herbfarm 9-Course Dinners with all 5 wines are between $205 and $265 per person plus tax and service, depending on the day of the week. Special pricing applies to special events.

Credit Card

A credit card number is not required to submit a Reservation Request, but is necessary to confirm any reservation offered in response. A $50 per person deposit will be charged at the time a reservation is accepted. The balance will be charged to the card the night of the event so you will not be bothered with a bill at dinner.


A $50 per person deposit is required to confirm your reservation. The Monday prior to your dinner date, your reservation is firm. All cancellations on or after this date will forfeit the deposit. Credit cards will be charged full amount of dinner for "no shows". Call us as soon as you know of changes.


Please allow 4 to 5 hours for dinner. Join us 30 minutes before dinner for an Introduction/Garden Tour. Indoor or outdoor depending on the weather.

Make a Reservation

The Reservation Line: (425) 485.5300

Phone lines open at 10AM Pacific time. Call to check availability and make your reservation. Or, use the online form below.

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Choose your ideal reservation date from the list below.

You will be able to indicate an alternate dining date for this Reservation Request. Please keep in mind that you are requesting reservations. We will respond to your request and its availability by email or phone.

Choose From These Themes and Dates:

Super Cattle in Seattle March 17th March - 31st
Chambers of the Sea April 6th April - 22nd
A Menu for a Native Forager's Dinner April 26th May - 13th
Salmon Nation May 17th June - 3rd
June's Silver Spoon June 7th July - 1st
Nine Songs of Summer July 6th July - 29th
The 100- Mile Dinner August 2nd August - 26th
Knife Fork Smoke August 30th August - 31st