A 9-Course Dinner where every single ingredient is sourced locally (even the salt).
100-Mile Dinner A 9-Course Dinner Where (Truly) Every Last Molecule of Food & Beverage Must Originate No More than 100 Miles from Our Dining Room. At The Herbfarm • 1-25 August 2019 Summer Nosh Pre-Dinner Snack: Grilled Herbfarm Vegetables with Salish Sea Salt. SPARKLING CUCUMBER JUICE 100-Mile Walkabout A Potpourri of Many Flavors Changing Daily such as: Hood Canal Geoduck with Turnip. Pickled Herbfarm Pellegrini Beans. Wild Mountain Huckleberries. San Juan Dungeness Crab with Shiso. Sauteed Pig Weed. Fried Oyster with Spicy Egg Yolk Sauce. GOAT ROCKS SPARKLING GRÜNER VELTLINER, NACHES HEIGHTS Staff of Life • Herbfarm House-Churned Cultured Butter from Snoqualmie Valley Cows. • Herbfarm Three-Day Sourdough Bread of Renan & Skagit 1109 Wheats. Potato & Friends Just-Harvested Herbfarm Maris Piper Potatoes, Mint-Purslane Pesto, Buttermilk-Garlic-Fig Leaf Sauce. 2018 LOPEZ ISLAND VINEYARDS ESTATE SIEGERREBE, LOPEZ ISLAND Single Farm Session Barely-Baked Chinook Farm Tomato Stuffed with Renan Wheat & English Thyme Wrapped in Aged & Curated Herbfarm Chinook Farm Guinea Hog Prosciutto. FARMER FRITZ 100-MILE TABLE BEER OF CHINOOK FARM GROWN FRITZ BARLEY Just Ducky Roasted Spring Rain Muscovy Duck, Summer Berries, Cinnamon Basil. 2009 VENTURI SCHULZE ESTATE RESERVE PINOT NOIR, VANCOUVER ISLAND A Buffalo Show Grilled Ribeye of Whatcom County Pastured Bison, Big-Leaf Maple Glazed Bison Shank with Mushrooms & Treviso Chicory. 2016 NEFARIOUS ESTATE SYRAH, ROCKY MOTHER VINEYARD, LAKE CHELAN Black Sheep's Pie Custard Pie of Black Sheep Creamery Cheese and 100-Mile Vinegar, Flowers. Marigold in Ice Wild Blackberry Ice Cream, Mexican Marigold Mint-Sour Beer Granité. Tree Fruit & Sundry Flora Peach-Anise Hyssop Frozen Yogurt, Hazelnut Milk, Rye Crumble, Quinoa Croquant, Foraged Pacific Serviceberry Financier, Crispy Meringue . 2016 BAINBRIDGE ISLAND LATE-HARVEST SIEGERREBE, BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Plant Infusions Choice of Wild-Crafted "Coffee," Local Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Summer Sweets • Lavender Palmier • Raspberry with Whipped Honey • Tangerine Gem Marigold with Fresh Blueberries


It’s the stuff you never think about that’s the hardest to source for the “every molecule” part of the 100 miles. Here are some of the ingredients we must make ourselves:

• Salt

• Vinegars

• Corn meal

• Molasses

• Worcestershire


• Mustards

• Capers

• Baking Powder

• Cheese rennet

• Sourdough

Some common things we can’t cook with or serve for the 100-Mile Dinner:

• Black Pepper

• Olive Oil

• Citrus (anytime)

• Oregon, Alaska, Walla Walla “stuff”

Once each year The Herbfarm creates a 9-course tasting menu with every last molecule of ingredients is sources from within 100 Miles.





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