A Menu in 9 Courses Showcasing the Foods & Flavors of the Winter in the Pacific Northwest

There's rosemary and rue.

These keep Seeming and savor all the winter long.

Grace and remembrance be to you.






A Winter's Tale An Exploration of the Flavors of Winter in the NW 9-Course Dinner at The Herbfarm • 24 January - 10 February 2019 Warm Up! • Caramelized Onion "Potato" • Wild Mushroom Tea Hen Retirement Party • Confitted Chicken Wing Meatball with Chicken Fat Crackers • Egg Yolk with Mushroom Sauce • Spoon of Yellow-Foot Mushrooms • Old Hen Consommé 2014 ROCO CELLARS RMS BRUT, WILLAMETTE VALLEY In the Box • Purple Potato Bread • Crispy Fish Skin • Herbfarm-Churned Butter Keep Clam Clams Steamed with Cedar Boughs & Sour Beer. Turnips. 2016 SAVAGE GRACE SAUVIGNON BLANC, RED WILLOW VINEYARD Snake River Sturgeon Terrine of Smoked Sturgeon with Chervil & Chives, Creamed Cabbage, Leo Ray's Magic Valley Idaho Sturgeon Caviar. 2017 SYNCLINE WINERY PICPOUL, BOUSHEY VINEYARD, YAKIMA VALLEY Vegetable's of Winter Winter Vegetables in Herbal Crust, Preserved Walnut Sauce. 2015 MEMALOOSE IDIOT'S GRACE ESTATE DOLCETTO, COLUMBIA GORGE Pork, Past & Present Secreto of Oregon Hazelnut-Fed Pork, Herbfarm Mangalitsa Ham, Sauce of Celery Root Cooked for a Month and Coal-Roasted Sunchokes. 2016 DELILLE CELLARS 'D2' BORDEAUX-STYLE RED, COL. VALLEY Cow, Apple, and Acorn Acorn Crêpe, Briar Rose Oregon Maia Cow's Milk Cheese, Apple Vinegar Curd, Tempura Apple, Sweet Woodruff. Carrot Ice Carrot Sorbet with Yogurt Veil, Pickled Elderflower. Earth, Tree & Berry Potato & Sage Cake, Big-Leaf Maple Cream, Preserved Blueberries. 2010 MARYHILL PORT, COLUMBIA VALLEY Native Beverages, Herbals & Teas Choice of Coffees, Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Mignardise Chocolate Mint Marshmallow, Creamy Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Squashed Winter Squash Galette with Pumpkin Seed.



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In Winter is Nature's Purity

WELCOME! The great fireplace embraces.

Candles flit and flitter through the crystal at your table. Settle in. The wine is poured. The chefs busy themselves with the rich fare at hand: winter shellfish, fatted game, solstice mushrooms, hot delights pulled from the ovens, and frosted vegetables, the sweetest of the year.See NON-ALCOHOLICPairingsDon't drink orcare for wine?Check out the alternatives!See BEER Pairings It’s a grand time to celebrate life.

Join us for a menu riding the rising sun on the wintertide.

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