A Discovery of the Flavors of Foraged Foods in the Pacific NW

WILD PLANTS and FORAGED FOODS were once staples. Wise women (and even the occasional man!) knew where and when to gather roots and leaves to nourish diets meager of fresh foods during the long and dark months of northern winters.

Come contemporary times, general knowledge of native plants has been mostly lost. Yet the physical and spiritual craving for connection to the natural world—of which we are all a part—lingers & beckons.

Imagine the world of the Pacific Northwest before Lewis and Clark appear. What would you eat? In the local Salish villages, women gather much of the plant materials; the men the bulk of the protein, much from the sea.

Many of those foods are gathered together for this menu. Here—modernized and reinterpreted—is our Spring Forager’s Dinner. Come and partake of a feast flavored by the wild wood, the timeless sea, and the enduring ingenuity of human-kind spanning the centuries.

Join us for this unique tribute to our wild food heritage, offered just once a year.

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Why bother foraging in a country with a surplus of so many domestic food products? Because, in part, foraging for food helps balance the feeling that we are living a secondhand sort of existence, and that we are in danger of losing all contact with the origins of life and the nature which nourishes it.

Euell Gibbons, Stalking the Wild Asparagus


A MENU FOR The Native Forager Exploring the Wild Foods of the Pacific Northwest At The Herbfarm • 3 -19 May 2019 Welcome, Friend! • Warm Carrot Soup with Licorice Fern Root • Wood-Oven Native-Maple Pretzel Forage & Findings • Salish-Sea Oyster with Spruce-Tip Vinegar • Tarragon Shiitake • Fermented Nettle Chawanmushi • Spring Smelt with Egg Yolk & Lovage • Sheep Cheese & Wild Ginger Wrapped in Laver Seaweed with Kinome TREVERI CELLARS SPARKLING RIESLING MAY WINE, NACHES HEIGHTS Grain & Nettle • Herbfarm Sourdough Bâtard • Our Own House-Churned Cultured Butter. • Fermented Nettle Chawanmushi Rabbit Trifecta Whatcom County Rabbit Pâté, Rabbit Loin, Wild Salish Sea Spot Prawn, Fried Rabbit Leg with Native Nodding Onion. 2018 AMITY VINEYARD WHITE PINOT NOIR, EOLA HILLS, OREGON Spring Sundries & Ancient Ale Wapato Asparagus, Huacatay, Burdock Root, Barbecued Halibut Skin, Knotweed, Dandelion Capers, Oyster Sauce. WOOD-FERMENTED WILD-YEASTED ALE APOTHECARY SAHATI SOUR SPRUCE ALE FILTERED WITH EVERGREEN NEEDLES IN A SPRUCE TRUNK, AGED 1 YEAR IN BARREL Dayboat Catch Seared Yellow-Eye Rockfish or Deep-Water Black Cod, Buttered Cattail Shoots. 2016 EYRIE VINEYARDS OLD-VINE PINOT GRIS, DUNDEE HILLS, OREGON Pastured Pinzgauer Grilled Rare 50-Day-Dry-Aged Snohomish Grass-Fed Pinzgauer Beef, Calçots, Devil's Club Tempura, Oregon Black Truffle Sauce. 2014 DELILLE CELLARS 'D2' BORDEAUX-STYLE RED, COL. VALLEY First Morels First of the Season Wild Morel Mushrooms, Blue-Cultured Butter, Birch Bread, Miner's Lettuce. Sequence of Sweets • Chocolate-Hazelnut Praline Tart with Wild Candy Cap Mushrooms. • Evergreen Tree Panna Cotta, Angelica Dried Meringue, Rhubarb Compote. • Lilac Blossom Sorbet, Rose Geranium Macaron, Burnt Meringue, Lavender Milk Crumbs, White Chocolate Ganache. 2009 BAINBRIDGE VINEYARDS BOTRYTIS SIEGERREBE, PUGET SOUND AVA Coffee, Teas & Native Beverages Choice of Coffees, Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Final Taste: Flavors Redux Chocolates filled with Wood-Sorrel Gel, Mountain Huckleberry, Local Honey



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