Truffle Dog Adventures at The Herbfarm




We've Gone to the Dogs!

Hunt Native Truffles

Join a Trained Truffle Dog on a Foraging Foray.

Then Dine on "Hound-Found" Truffles for Dinner!

Yes, the Pacific Northwest is blessed with our own native truffles. And now you can find them and dine on them, too!

THOUGH OFTEN CALLED "OREGON TRUFFLES," the native truffles of the Pacific Northwest are found not only in Oregon but also Washington and southern British Columbia. No one planted these mysterious underground fungi. They've been here—living symbiotically under host trees—since at least the end of the last ice age.

The four species of native truffles are cousins of the celebrated truffles of France and Italy. While most Europeans employ pigs or dogs to uncover only the ripe fungi, many Americans use rakes, which unearth truffles at all stages of ripeness. When hunted with a trained dog though, only the ripe, truly delicious truffles are found! Ripeness makes all the difference.

A Truffle Foray and Dinner at The Herbfarm

As part of The Herbfarm's annual Menu for Truffle Treasure, you can join trained Truffle Dogs to watch them in action. Your Truffle Guide and dog will work a known truffle patch as you follow and watch the dog and handler in action. With an advanced reservation, you can also join other guests later that day to enjoy the 9-course Herbfarm Truffle Dinner.

A Truffle Foray and Dinner is a unique opportunity not only to learn and enjoy this wonderful gift of nature, but it also makes a gift that can not be duplicated.  
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Native White Truffles and

the Native Black Truffle: both wonderful when "Hound Found!"

Sign Up for Your Truffle Dog Foray!

Foray's are about 2 hours in length. Most leave from The Herbfarm in your vehicle at 10 or 1 O'Clock.

Join a Group Foray $215* per person.

Private Foray Your group: $475* (up to 3 people)

Truffle Dinner is an extra option. Click for details.
We can also assist with overnight rooms including The Herbfarm Suites.

                                                                            * Plus Washington sales tax

VIDEO: Watch Alana McGee of The Truffle Dog Company work with two of her truffling dogs in the foothills of the Cascades.


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